Monday, December 24, 2007

I miss you, most at christmas time

at christmas eve mass

this is where i almost fell asleep. i almost couldn't handle sitting in church for an hour, but luckily i made it through with my eyes wide open. i came to church an hour and 30 minutes early because i had just come from work which was 8 minutes away. i was ecstatic because i was one of the first 5 people there to grab seats for my family before the church filled up. christmas mass always seems to be the most crowded service, it seems like every one is trying to make up all their days of not going to church by going to the most important mass of the year. well, this was my first time coming back to vietnamese mass, and i knew it was going to be different this year because of we were having it at our new church..which by the way, i am very impressed with all the hard work it took from the vietnamese catholic community to finally be able to build their own home.

so we were missing my dad & chris in this picture. daddy is working and chris decided to go to church at a different time because all his friends were going to be there. that sounds like something i would of done if i was his age, silly boy.

i was totally excited to go home after christmas mass because this is where my period of relaxation begins! too bad it only lasts until the 26th, and it's off to work again. -_-

Well I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas Eve and have an even more memorable day tomorrow! As for me, I'm doing nothing. The only thing I really wanted is to sleep in and my wish comes true tomorrow. :)

Although its been said many times, many ways,
A very Merry Christmas to you