Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday wishlist

1. The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia

2. $29.80 Collage Knit Coat

3. $17.80 Helena Knit Shawl

4. $18.90 Heritage V-Neck Cardigan

5. $22.80 Embellished Knit Tunic

6. $22.80 Colorblock tunic

7. $17.80 Colorblock tunic

8. 24.80 Parker Cocktail Dress

9. $9.50 Brilliant Gathered Top

10. $15.99 Hallmark's
Springtime in Paris CD

11. Cropped tan cardigan at Forever21 (short or 3/4 sleeve)
12. Any of those cds at that one station in target with soothing melodies
13. Gift cards to forever21, A.C. Moore, Jo-Ann's and Michael's craft store.
14. Any of these movies: Aladdin, Down with Love, Funny Face, Gone with the Wind, The Little Mermaid.

I wear size small at forever21 and I don't often wear t-shirts.


Miss W. Yvonne said...

i have that heritage cardigan and i lurve it! ;]

DDboy06 said...

i must say, you really love shopping don't you!