Sunday, August 3, 2008

Charlotte Russe sale!

Last night at 8:15pm I decided to make a quick run to Fashion Square mall to buy a pair of black boots that I've been longing to own. The cheapest ones I've seen so far are from Charlotte Russe for only $39.99! For the past couple of weeks I waited for the prices to go down..but no luck. So I sped to the mall hoping that I would get there before it closed (at 9PM). And when I arrived, the boots were patiently waiting to be purchased by someone so I happily grabbed my size and just when I was about to leave, the salesperson told me that all shoes were buy one get one for $10! Perfect opportunity to buy the red pumps I've wanted as well! As the cashier rang me up, she told me that I've spent over $50 and I get 10% off my entire purchase! Gee golly, I am one lucky&happy girl.

Distressed Black Velvet Boots

Red Patent Pumps

Before Charlotte Russe Sale
Boots : $39.99 + tax
Pumps: $22.99 +tax

After Charlotte Russe Sale
Boots : $39.99 + tax + (10% discount)
Pumps: $22.99 $10.00 + tax + (10% discount)


If you're in need of new footwear..then this is the BEST time to shop at Charlotte Russe! Their styles range from flats (which are all 30% off), heels (round or pointy / open-toe or closed-toe), boots (ankle/mid-calf/knee-high) and sandals! Visit your local store today to see if they have the same sales! Sales are only in participating stores and I live in Orlando.


Sunshine said...

Haha aww... I sincerely felt happy reading this. I just found a pair of black and red suede stilettos (probably sold during winter months)at Charlotte Russe...Would you believe they were $6.99?