Friday, September 26, 2008

So you think you're life is bad?

A couple of days ago I was walking to my next class on campus and I was so upset about how I had to walk around in the hot Florida weather. And the worst part about walking around campus is that you have to really motivate yourself to walk up these random hills. I seriously felt exhausted.

And as I walking up on one of the concrete hills that took me into the UCF breezeway (next to Chick-Fil-A), I see a young man struggling to go up the same path as I in his wheelchair.

That day reminded me of how ungrateful I was to have a good pair of legs. What kills me the most is that I didn't even have the courage to walk up to him and ask if he needed help to wherever he was going.


RICKYLY said...

you know what else sucks? shaving your legs too deep and then wearing shorts so everyone can see your red marks. i bet that sucks..

Vinh Pham said...

omg ricky lol

Lovely Diamonds said...

it also sucks that cellphones has cameras on it now so that someone could take a picture of it