Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fighting evil by moonlight

I hope everyone had a happy&spooky halloween! Mine was kind of hectic..and you know how I get when I feel rushed throughout the entire day...I get cranky! Well anyway, there was a Halloween party on Friday and the theme was school girls & nerds. Don't you think it's kind of odd to throw a themed party when Halloween should already be a theme by itself? Oh well, the party turned out fun!

My best friend somehow convinced me the week before to be a sailor scout with her and at first I thought the idea was SUPER EMBARRASSING. But when do I ever feel embarrassed about anything?? It took a lot of motivation but I ended up finishing my outfit right before the party and I was very satisfied with how it turned out! Fabric at Joann's only costed $8 and the bows probably amount up to $2. Halloween costumes should always be this cheap! Now that I feel more confident about sewing, maybe I will start making my own outfits from now on instead of wasting money at the mall.

I feel...inspired.

Sailor Venus!You can never be too old to have fun.