Sunday, May 4, 2008

Shopping makes me happy

I bought some cute stuff today at the mall! A tan sweater vest, a black ruffled v-neck wrap dress, and a black sleeveless knit top with a high collar. I've been more cautious about what to buy lately, it's crazy how my style has changed throughout the years. For example, I try to never ever buy t-shirts and tank tops. I think it's okay to have a couple of basic items in my wardrobe but I don't like to repeat buying the same style, especially if it's a basic one. Another tricky temptation that is hard to avoid is buying the current fashion trends. After reading The Little Black Book of Style, I've been inspired to improve my style. Who wants to join me? :)


Vinh said...

I remember back in the day I didn't care at all how I dressed or anything. I think it all changed my last year of high school for whatever reason. My style has changed a lot over the past few years. I would like to say that it's gotten better... but I don't know, haha. It's important to look good! :P

Anonymous said...

lol. that sounds like a good idea! was the book you read good? ya kno i'm always up for shopping w/ u, krystle~!