Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some things I can't wait to do!

1. Go shopping with the money that I don't have..there are a million things that I want to buy right now. New forever21 outfits..more shoes..and I definitely need a new pair of heels.
2. GO TO GEORGIA for our Charlie's Graduation Party!
3. VASA Officer Retreat.
4. Go on a mini-vacation to anywhere after summer school!
5. Read a book.
6. Eat French cuisine.
7. Take a lunch break at Park Ave.
8. Go to a museum.
9. Get free drinks at some bar/club.
10. Watch the Sex & The City movie!
11. Go to Lake Eola on a nice day.
12. Catch up with an old friend at Starbucks.
13. Did I mention shopping?
14. Go to the pool and get a freakin' tan.
15. Get afternoon tea at Trish's Tea or get tea at night at Dandelion Communitea.
16. Continue to play board and card games.
17. Discover a great restaurant that nobody has eaten at yet.
18. Break my bad habit of staying up late and falling asleep while leaving the television on. (somebody hid the remote control..)

I'm only typing this up to make sure I complete everything! Today was such a nice day and I spent it at home because I got lazy. I'm not wasting another nice day again!