Friday, July 4, 2008

My room

I've decided that my room is going to be next big project on my large list of things to do. There are so many things I want to do but there are some factors I can't change, like my pink walls & maroon carpet floor. The carpet was something we couldn't change in the beginning when we first bought this house. And when I was a young girl I made a foolish decision of painting my walls pink and now my mom won't let me change it to a more neutral color. But since I'm living under the roof of my parents, there are just some things I'll have to deal with.

My room is always in a constant mess, no matter how many times I clean it clothes somehow find it's way back on the floor and my papers all over the desk. I've decided that enough is enough. I'm going to clear the mess and make this space easier to breathe in.

Here are some pictures of my what my room currently looks like.

Balloons on the floor from my 21st birthday. Papers, documents, notes for school all over the ground. And my desk is cluttered with jewelry, pictures, bath&body stuff, cds, etc.

The top of my drawer is still clean from spring break. I reorganized it by taking out some picture frames that sat there and collected dust. I also decided to display my cute hat box that was hiding in my closet. And I changed the main photo to a vintage inspired black and white photo of women wearing a chic dress holding a poodle.

This cabinet has always been under construction. Everytime I "clean" my room, I just throw all of the unnecessary stuff in there.

The floor is getting better, a couple months ago the entire floor was covered with clothes. Now I throw all of my clothes on the pink sofa that is located on the bottom right of this picture. It's a little clear now because last week I hung all of my clothes in the closet.

Okay, so I said I hung all my clothes in the closet, but I forgot to mention that I haven't been doing a good job color coordinating it like I used to. And the drawer on the right side is mostly my sister's clothes. We also keep sportswear, lounge/sleep wear, and lingerie in there.

The left side of the closet is for outerwear and sweaters, the middle is for dress pants, and the right side is for my dresses, skirts, and favorite tops. I have a drawer next to my bed where I keep the "so-so" clothes. I have a lot of clothes, but don't worry..I donate every couple of months when my drawer gets too full. The purple princess bag in the right side of my closet is actually filled with clothes that I'm going to donate soon.

It's hard to imagine how my room can be filled with so much stuff. But it is a large room that I share with my sister. Even though clothes, handbags, and accessories take up 60% of my room, the other 40% consist of books, magazines, gifts, shopping bags, and my favorite - memorabilia. My entire life is in here, I used to get a tear in my eye thinking about what would I do if something devastating happened to my room.

I can't list all of the things I want to do with the room right now, but I'm going to take it one area at a time. I think what I need to do first is just clean it. Today I'm going to start with the area that is closest to the door, and that is my desk.

1.) Arrange all of my magazines from oldest to new
2.) Organize my paperwork
3.) Rearrange my books and dvds
4.) Throw out old jewelry and find a better way to display the jewelry that I keep