Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rainy days

It's currently raining outside and I'm sitting here on my bed looking outside my window. Unlike most people, I love the rain. I emphasized the word love because I truly do love the rain. The only time I despise rain is when I'm walking to my next class on campus without an umbrella or when I'm driving and I cannot see anything. But other than that, there is so much that you can do when it's raining. Like go out of the house dressed in a nice pair of rain boots or a cute trench coat. But one of my favorite things to do when it's raining is to do nothing and just watch the rain peacefully fall on the ground. The only thing I'm missing right now is a good book.

And since I don't have a reading book, I'll just check LOOKBOOK.nu for now. Lookbook.nu is a source for fashion inspiration from people around the world. Sometimes I think I belong in a bigger city with those kinds of people.