Friday, October 10, 2008

Nothing to do

It looks like I'm staying at home tonight.

I'm going to take advantage of this free weekend that I have before my schedule starts to get hectic again. I've been meaning to do a few things at home that I haven't made time for, such as: cleaning up my room, catching up on my recent issues of Vogue and Lucky magazine, and jotting down a couple of thoughts in these cute notebooks that I bought in Korea Town when I was in Atlanta. Why is that everytime I put all of my clothes away, I find twice the amount of clothes on the floor again at the end of week?

It feels really weird to be at home for a long time because I've been out so much lately. And when I come home all I have time to do before I go to sleep is play the piano. I'm almost done with learning how to play At the Cafe from the movie Windstruck! Even though the song is sad, it sounds so beautiful..and that is the kind of music I like to play.


DDboy06 said...

wow i was just listening to this song on my car ride home from work. It was from an old cd that i haven't listen to in years and now you mention it in your blog. I hope you learn to play it soon. Hopefully I get to hear you playing one day.