Sunday, October 12, 2008

Time for a change


With little convincing, my parents have allowed me to re-paint the
walls of my room. I think they're more lenient about this decision because they're switching out the carpet of my floor with tiles next week.

I was debating on whether or not we should go through with the project because I've thought about moving out sometime in the near future. But I'm also not sure how long I can stand living in a pink room. I might go crazy before I get the chance to move out.

"When life inspires our home,
our home will inspire our life.

My mind is coming up with so many ideas right now, and I share a room with my sister so I understand that I have to put her suggestions into consideration as well. I prefer the soft Victorian/Vintage look and she likes the teenager look (bright colors & such).

the inspiration

1. Curtains: Walmart - $8-$10
2. Fabric Sofa: Ikea - $149
3. Decorative Bowl: Target - $14.99
4. Accent Table: Target - $39.99
5. Silhouette Cuckoo Clock: Walmart - $14.99
6. Decorative Pillows: Walmart - $12.88 each

Hopefully I can find a smaller couch to replace the pink one that I have in my room right now. I'm even fine with a comfortable arm chair, as long as it's white. I just need something to sit on when I have time to read leisurely.