Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The 4 F's

fashion, fragrance, food, & fresh music.

1. Fashion: I've made it a new rule to try to look my best everyday, and if possible, every second. And even if others my not agree with my style, the only thing that matters is that I feel confident and comfortable.

2. Fragrance: I cannot go through a day without perfume, and I believe that every women should invest in a bottle that is good enough to enchant those who are around her. The perfume that I currently wear are: Dolce & Gabbana's "Light Blue", Elizabeth Arden's "Provocative Woman", and Juicy Couture.

3. Food: I love good food. But what makes good food taste better is going out to eat with a group of friends because then you know that you paid good money for food, ambiance, and a great conversation.

4. Fresh music: Listening to mainstream music can be such a bore to my ears sometimes. Some of my favorite genres of music include indie/indie-pop, soul, folk-rock, acoustic, & classical. For new listeners, I recommend Ingrid Michaelson, Kate Nash, Feist, Lisa Loeb & Copeland.