Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Austins Coffee

(picture from www.austinscoffee.com)

When I was young, every Sunday my family would pass by Austins Coffee on the way to church and I've always wondered what it was like inside. And now that I'm finally old enough to drive and wander around town, why is it that I've still continued to ignored this place? Well today was the day I thought I'd give the place a try, and when my foot stepped into the coffee shop I immediately fell in love. I enjoy going to places that have an intimate and hip feel. And surprisingly the reviews were correct, everything about this place is better than Starbucks("the Mcdonald's of coffee"). Take some time to go on their website and look at their menu, the prices aren't that bad! After I got my coffee the barista gave me a Hershey's kiss, which was very unexpected but thoughtful at the same time.

Congratulations, Austin. You've just won my heart.