Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Same look, different deal

A couple weeks ago I tried on dress at Forever21 that was cute, but not cute enough. The proportions of the dress were a bit odd, and the only thing that kept me from buying the dress were the skirt's inset pockets (which is rare to find at a good price). As much as I wanted to purchase this outfit, I knew that I could find a better deal if I bought the pieces separately and created a look of my own at a cheaper price.

Their outfit

My outfit
Luckily this skirt also has pockets and I don't own much items in yellow so this would a great addition to my wardrobe!
Buying two pieces to create an outfit is more practical because you can wear the items more than once by mix/matching the pieces with other items in your closet. This should be common sense for those who like shopping & fashion.