Friday, July 25, 2008

My pianoforte

When my dad first bought my piano I was excited because my dad owns a lot of musical instruments that were at the time off limits to us. But at the same time I dreaded the fact that I was going to have to take piano lessons. Sadly, my lessons ended after a year of practice because my teacher decided to move on into another chapter of her life. My parents asked me if I wanted to continue and I said no because I thought I hated playing the piano.

It turns out that I actually enjoy playing music more than I thought I did. My dad continued to buy music sheets and I continued to play them. And now I'm blessed to be able to play whatever song my heart desires.

One of my favorite habits is picking up my favorite songs from a movie I just watched and playing it on the piano afterwards. I've recently watched the remake of Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley and fell in love with the music from that movie. So in my free time I've been practicing a couple songs from there. I also switch up the music a little bit by going back and forth with romantic songs from Asian dramas and such.

Life at home is wonderful when beautiful music surrounds you~