Thursday, January 24, 2008

A brand new me

I used to not feel the need to voice my opinions, even if my comment was important and could of helped in some kind of way. But that all changed after high school. I was appointed the position of creative director for the Vietnamese American Student Association (VASA) during my second year at UCF. I know this sounds lame, but because of VASA I started to become more aware of the issues that affected my community, on and off campus. Even though my position didn't seem like a big deal, that year I discovered that I had so much leadership potential that I never knew existed.

As a young girl I have always been inspired by my dad. I would try to assist him every chance that I could when he worked on community projects. My dad is very mysterious, I never knew how much of an impact he was to the community until my late elementary school days. And knowing this, I wanted to learn from him and become a little bit wiser. He's also a really good speaker and I've definitely seen his serious side when he has to speak up for what he thinks is right. And at the time, I'm wasn't interested in taking part in any public appearances or speaking. Ok, I may have lied a little. Later on in my life I joined a Vietnamese cultural dance group in high school called 4 Seasons and I enjoyed being in the limelight on stage. But that's a different story, with 4 Seasons all I had to do was dance and look pretty. :)

It's funny how time passes by so quickly. As I get older, I've learned to break my silence. I can get easily annoyed when I see others making foolish decisions and not thinking through things enough. I've learned to say what's on my mind, and sometimes I say a little too much. I hate to be the one who criticizes or thinks differently...but all I want to do is help.