Sunday, January 27, 2008


Fresh or faux, I love a home that has nice floral arrangements. Above is a picture of the lovely fresh orchids that mom brought home. Speaking of flowers..Target has amazing faux floral that I would love to buy, but I can't because I refuse to buy any decorations for my room until I clean up my mess of clothes that are everywhere. My favorite is the red rose faux floral collection because I LOVE roses.

Calla Lily Floral Potted Plant
The gel inside the vase feels cool..and it's one of the reasons why I would like to buy this. But the real reason is because it looks simple and elegant.

Bamboo Glass Cylinder Stand
I used to be a huge fan of feng shui. For $279.99, maybe it would help bring spirituality and prosperity into my life.


mlle sarah said...

of course you're allowed to comment on that one! so cute... my faves are tulips ;)

i feel like we're talking through our blogs and learning more about each other... its fun, isn't it?