Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Impulse purchase

Close friends know that the only store I shop at these days is Forever 21. If it wasn't for Forever, where else could I find inspired designer pieces for less? Anyway, I took my daily visit on the store's website today and found some items that caught my eye. I knew I had to go to the mall to find them soon before they're off the rack. Of course I went to the mall today and lucky for me, ALL the things I wanted were at the store!

Another random fact you should know about me is that I love to shop. I don't care for how long, I can go to the mall 30 minutes before it closes if I had a busy day and I will still manage to find the things I want.
People constantly tell me that they don't have time to go shopping but I'm honestly who does have time these days? If you really love something then you'd make time for it, right?

Sadly, I didn't buy everything I wanted because I don't have money. I did buy a pretty brown woven shirt dress that would match perfectly with the Coach purse my friend recently bought for me as a Christmas gift! (Good choice ^_~ ) Even if all I have left in my wallet is a penny, I will resort to using my dad's credit. (Which I try not to do often because I feel terrible afterwards.) I live such a bad lifestyle...somebody stop me now.


mlle sarah said...


leggings are a wardrobe staple here... and my friend just bought a dress just like the one you got with the rosettes here in a french boutique... what an eye you have... i miss you