Saturday, January 26, 2008

Funny text message

A couple minutes ago, I received the text message of the year. A gossip girl text from my two best friends, Monica & Theresa Mai. If you've seen the show Gossip Girl on CWTV, then you would know that the fastest way to find out news among the classmates is either by internet or texting.

Here is what my text said:
gossip girl here. guess who was pulling a 75 in a 55 zone? vincent nguyen! you know you love me. xoxo, gossip girl.

That is a picture they took of my dad's van (with a wagon attached to it) when they saw him driving on the highway.


mlle sarah said...

gossip girl is my new fave show. i loveeeee it. its the only american thing i have & greys of course ;)